Protecting the health of our joints is so important. Inflammation and general wear and tear can contribute to tissue degeneration and pain, both of which can affect quality of life.


Collagen doesn’t just enhance the youth and plump tone of our skin, but also forms cartilage in our joints. Collagen provides the structural integrity and extracellular matrix of joint tissues. It has also been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect, so supplementation with collagen could be beneficial to those who are prone to joint issues.

As we age, collagen in the body naturally declines. Intrametica®’s Toned Protein Boost contains a unique Bioactive Marine Collagen Peptide that supports the body’s natural collagen synthesis and prevents its further decline. By incorporating Toned Protein Boost into your health and wellness regime every day, you’ll be preserving the integrity of your skin while also promoting the health of your bones and joints.

Start protecting your joints now so you can continue enjoying life and exercising pain-free long into life. Contact Intrametica® today to learn more about our Toned Protein Boost for joint health.