About Us

The Intrametica® range of natural products for beautiful skin and health was designed by renowned Naturopath and Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic – Angela Maree Smith. Angela is passionate about fusing evidenced based bio-medical science and diagnostic testing with nutritional/herbal lifestyle medicine and the best Australian natural skin care products to restore health and wellness to the body. Angela is a broadcaster, writer and clinical presenter to Naturopaths. She has a thriving multimodality practice in Natural Medicine located in Melbourne. She is also an industry advisor on nutritional and herbal formulations, influencing what many health care practitioners use today.

Angela is driven to provide stand-out scientific formulations that will revolutionise the Inner Beauty Market. Containing everything from the best probiotics for skin through to appetite suppressant supplements, natural hormone supplements and the best anti aging supplements online, the Intrametica® range reflects Angela’s unwavering commitment to evidence-based Natural Medicine. The formulations are uniquely curated to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, protect against UV sun damage, firm and smooth the skin, build strong hair and nails, improve metabolism, and satisfy hunger and cravings, while gently yet effectively cleansing internal organs often compromised from our urban lifestyle.

The combination of the three products fused together enhances beauty by focusing on the foundations – gut, liver, skin and maintaining a healthy weight.