Urban Living

The modern lifestyle can be full on, hectic, crammed, non-stop, and seriously busy at times! It takes more work now than ever, to find and achieve that work/life balance we’re all striving for. Plus Eating out, alcohol and caffeine consumption, cosmetic product use, medications, pollution, pesticides and stress can all impact our body’s vitality and wellbeing.


Intrametica®’s range of skin glow powders, have been developed with the urban lifestyle in mind. We’ve made it easier than ever, for you to have it all – health, lifestyle, balance.

Purify Body Cleanse is your daily elixir greens and inner beauty powder, that will provide your body with the right nutritional support to get body feeling its best, your skin looking its best, and your soul living life at its fullest.

Enjoy on its own mixed in a little water or added to your favourite smoothie alongside Intrametica®’s Collagen Ultimate+ and Toned Protein Boost, for the full effect.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to produce formulations that are relevant to today’s urban lifestyles, taste great, and have the scientific backing to prove they’ll do what they say they’ll do. We believe Intrametica® are the best products available online, so much so that we’ll offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.