Fuller hair

While shampoo commercials and natural hair thickening products may have you believing otherwise, full, thick and luscious hair actually starts from within.

Our hormones, nutritional status and diet all play a part in keeping our hair glowing and growing strong. However, the environment we live in and the life we lead have a direct impact on the health of our hair. Often, this impact is negative, and we’re left with hair that is less that lustrous.

Instead of turning to hair extensions or expensive hair thickening products to combat thin hair, grow and strengthen your own natural hair from the inside out, with scientifically formulated collagen supplements for hair you’ll love.

Collagen Ultimate+ contains collagen to build collagen and Purify Body Cleanse features a proprietary blend of Black Rice (Oryxa sativa) and Cactus Flowers (Opuntia ficus) to strengthen your antioxidant cell defence and promote hair growth.

A great tasting daily supplement with an organic raspberry flavour, you can simply mix your daily dose of Collagen Ultimate+ and Purify Body Cleanse with a little water, or add it into your breakfast smoothie. It’s as simple as that – no messy, smelly products to leave in your hair and no time-consuming maintenance of hair extensions.

Since Collagen Ultimate+ is an evidence-based, certified organic natural supplement, it will benefit your overall health, not just your hair.

But don’t just take our word for it. Experience the results for yourself and try the range of Intrametica® collagen supplements for hair that is luscious and full.