Glow Food Supplement

Glow Food Supplement for Optimal Skin Health

At Intrametica, we offer a glow food supplement that forms part of our exquisite range of inner beauty products. We believe beauty really does come from within, starting with what you put in your body! That’s why our glow food supplement is so effective, as it treats your skin from within. If you want your skin to glow, order our Collagen Ultimate+ supplement in pouch, travel pack or caddie form. Either way, you’ll see results within weeks as your skin repairs itself thanks to the extra nutrients you’re providing to it.

What to Expect from Our Collagen Ultimate+ Supplement

After 4 weeks, skin tone and pigmentation are evened out while greater protection is provided from the sun and premature aging. Your skin is hydrated, while collagen production is stimulated. Your skin will look lush and youthful. In 8 weeks, your wrinkles will fade as your skin becomes fuller, your pores tighten and your mood improves. Our glow food supplement works holistically to improve the skin and support a host of supporting biochemical processes in the body.

The Benefits of Our Glow Food Supplement Collagen Ultimate+

Our glow food supplement has many benefits for the body as a whole, but in particular it helps the skin by:

  • Increasing collagen levels
  • Smoothening skin texture
  • Correcting skin pigmentation
  • Restoring skin oil balance
  • Protecting against sun damage
  • Firming the skin
  • Increasing elasticity
  • Evening skin tone
  • Reducing inflammation and redness

A Leading Natural Skin Care Product

Our skin glow food supplement is one of the best Australian natural skin care products on the market today, and our numerous client testimonials back up this assertion. If you’re looking to buy plant protein online that can improve your skin, try our products. Note that our glow food supplement Collagen Ultimate + contains fish derived ingredients and is not suitable for vegetarians.

Order Inner & Outer Beauty Remedies Today

At Intrametica, we really believe in what we do. We’re passionate about wellness and beauty, with the knowledge of how one leads into the other. Our naturopathic formulations are scientifically proven to help improve health and beauty. To find more, contact us via our website or browse our products here.

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