Elixir greens

Like Elixir Greens? Try Intrametica’s Collagen Ultimate+ Food Supplement

If you’re looking for elixir greens to get glowing, silky skin and strong hair, then you can’t go wrong with Intrametica’s glow probiotic powder, Collagen Ultimate+. If you regularly shop for natural products for beautiful skin online, then you need to know about our products.

Our Collagen Ultimate+ is similar to elixir greens in that it’s a fully organic formulation with all-natural active ingredients that nourish your body for optimal holistic health. Not only will your skin and hair look luminous when you take Collagen Ultimate+, but you’ll feel energised and positive too! That’s what happens when you give your body all the nutrient support it needs.

Our Collagen Ultimate+ supplement was created by our very own clinical naturopaths who all have an in-depth knowledge of how human bodies work and how they react to various natural healing ingredients. Collagen Ultimate+ is a highly effective supplement for boosting your health and beauty.

Elixir Greens for Women Who Want Results

We think our glow food supplement for skin and hair is pretty amazing. But don’t just take our word for it − below, you can see some of the changes our clients have reported while taking Collagen Ultimate+. You can start to see these positive results after being on the supplement for only 4 weeks! You’ll notice:

  • Less pronounced wrinkles
  • Generally plumper skin
  • Softer skin texture
  • Fading age spots
  • A new skin radiance
  • Cellulite is lessened
  • Skin tone is more even
  • Redness fades out
  • Skin is unusually hydrated
  • Hair does not damage as easily
  • Hair is stronger and easier to grow long
  • Hair is shiny with health

All the Nutrients of Elixir Greens, Plus More!

If you want a truly vitamin packed alternative to elixir greens for your skin and hair health, there’s no substitute for our unique formulation Collagen Ultimate+. It’s all-organic and completely natural, with active ingredients that are gentle on your digestive system while supporting the biochemical processes in your body.

What’s Even Better than Elixir Greens? Collagen Ultimate+ from Intrametica

At Intrametica, we take pride in creating high-quality natural products that are gentle on the body yet give our clients the results they’re looking for. All of our formulations are created by our clinical naturopaths, combining scientific knowledge with alternative therapies for the best of both worlds. If you want results fast for skin and hair with radiant vitality, choose Collagen Ultimate+ by Intrametica. Shop online now or contact us to learn more.

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